About Us

Megapol Engineering  

Megapol Engineering  is feeling exciting for sharing experience and knowledge of more than ten years with our valued customers.

Since inception Megapol owns very special staff as an engineering firm in the Contracting sector. Megapol  works for Health facilities, industrial facilities, commercial facilities, infrastructure works, housing, training facilities, private facilities (such as  International Arena, shopping center, Marina). 

Unchangeable principles of our company is giving service in quality and appropriately to technological development, safely, aesthetic, economic and Timely way with  honest, reliable, experienced technical staff. 

The company began to be institutionalized when getting into the renewal process in 2013. In order to provide fast and quality service to the customers, the company took the title of Anonymous Trade.

As a result of this study, our company has two new unit has been established. As a result of restructuring, Technical Services and Panel Mounting units are established in 2013.

MegaServ technical services was established to meet the technical needs of businesses. 

Megaserv will provide services against all electrical faults in your business. Also megaserv will serve on issues such as periodic preventive maintenance, power quality detection, system engineering studies, compensation controls, revisions, additions fast, quality and 7/24.