Megapol Engineering , along with the knowledge and experience of over 10 years of committed service , is excited to share with our valued customers.

Since its inception, our company has a staff of experts in the contracting sector as an engineering company ; Health facilities, Industrial facilities, Commercial facilities, Infrastructure works, Housing, Training facilities, Private facilities ( International Arena , shopping center, such as Marina) serves a variety of jobs.


Open and modular (Compact), medium voltage transformers and switchgear centers

Power transmission lines

Mast type transformer stations

The city, housing, planning and distribution lines organized industrial zones applications


Custom, general, decorative lighting and optical systems fib

Environment and facade lighting

The road, highway, stadium lighting

The distribution network lines and UPS outlet systems

The cable channel and plastic parapets transport systems

The busbar trunking transport systems

The main panels, sub-panels, and compensation boards

Generator - network transfer systems

The main and secondary grounding systems, basic grounding

Lightning and lightning protection systems

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and regulation

Isolation power systems

The motor speed control and force automation


Data and telephone systems

The conventional and addressable fire alarm systems

Music broadcast audio and alarm systems

The camera surveillance (CCTV) systems

Burglar alarm systems

Card entry (Access control) systems

Staff attendance control systems

Parking systems

The satellite, digital broadcasting, plasma systems

Conference room audio and video systems

The nurse call systems

Video door systems